Stream Your Favorites Together with Disney plus watch party

Stream your favorite shows and movies together with Hotstar watch party. This awesome extension allows you to see your top picks with friends and family simultaneously, no matter the distance between you. Enjoy a fun and interactive movie experience, all from the comfort of your own homes.


You can start a virtual party and invite others to join. Everyone sees the same thing on their screens and can use Disneyplus chat feature together while streaming. It's a fun way to enjoy classics and new releases, bringing people closer and making the streaming experience more social. Whether you want to relive old memories or discover new magic, the Disney Plus extension lets you have a great time with your loved ones, no matter how far apart you are.

Enjoy limitless streaming with Hotstar party extension

Have limitless streaming with Hotstar. This browser extension allows you to host virtual parties and watch their favorite content from Hotstar which you can watch with your family and friends.

It also synchronizes the playback so that you can view the same thing at the same time. This browser extension has some brilliant features like chat and video/audio calls. With these features, you can interact and share your thoughts while streaming a show.

In case you have missed your favorite movie in theaters, then with teleparty Disney Plus, you can watch it with your friends and family. So, whether it is a popular show or watching the latest movies, Disney plus watch party will bring you together to have a fun and unlimited entertainment experience.


Watch Hotstar watch party at the same time

Have the best showtime with your buddy by simply logging in together and inviting them. This browser extension will allow you to watch movies while having audio and video calls. With these features, you can have fun and watch shows together. So, speed up your buffering and HD video quality on your browser.

Personalize your party

Now it’s time to customize your own party with Disney plus watch party. It’s just you need to choose a create user icon and unlock all the cool features including chat, audio, and video calls. Watch your favorite shows with your close ones in your comfort zone. It offers top content from all your favorite OTT platforms, which provides high-quality shows with fantastic features on Disney+group watch.


How to watch Disney Plus on your browser

There are some steps to watch this extension on your browser:-

Remember before enjoying the movies together, you need to have a subscription.


This extension provides an amazing streaming experience for it’s subscribers. You can watch together Disney Plus for movies and TV shows with your loved ones in real time, no matter where they are. Synchronize your playback and use chat, audio, and video calls to interact while seeing from different places. It's a fun and enjoyable way to share content, even when you're far apart.

To use it, simply have an account and install the browser extension. The extension will generate a special URL that the host shares with friends or family to invite them to the party. Once everyone is connected, the host starts the movie or show, and all screens sync up, so everyone views together at the same time. It's a seamless and delightful way to enjoy Disney plus groupwatch.



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